Asturias Beach House – is a must experience

LOOK: #Pwedi na| Planning to unwind and relax this weekend?Asturias Beach House – is a must experienceβ›±πŸ’¦β˜˜οΈ
Get to know more about what we have to offer at Asturias Beach House by Blissful Creations.
πŸ“Exact Location:
Sitio San Juan,Brgy. Owak Asturias, Cebu.
P50.00 per head consumable to foods and drinks.
πŸ“ŒRoom Rates:
SINGLE BED (Good for 2 pax)
With breakfast – 1,750.00
Without breakfast- 1,500.00
TWIN BED (Good for 4 pax)
With breakfast- 2,200.00
Without breakfast- 1,700.00
BARKADA ROOM (Good for 8 pax)
With breakfast- 4,000.00
Without breakfast – 3,000.00
1hour – 350 per head
30 mins – 200 per head
150 per head (with boatman and life vest)
πŸ’¦TRAMPOLINE (for kids)
1 hour – 90 pesos per head
30 mins – 50 pesos per head
10 mins – 30 pesos per head
NOTE: For now they have limited activities to offer due to quarantine.
*Health and Safety protocols are implemented*
For more details please visit:πŸ‘‡
In Asturias Beach House, we’re always happy to serve you! Book now and experience the one-of-a-kind service that our staffs offer. We’re located at Sitio San Juan, Brgy. Owak, Asturias, Cebu.
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